The Hidden Secret

From  The Hidden Secret webpage: "Give Me 15 Minutes, And I Will Hand You The Secret Key 
That Will Magically Unlock Your Mind Power To Manifest Anything You Want—Guaranteed!" 

"You will tap into your powerful subconscious mind, simply by listening to a 15 minute audio. 
This will unlock your creative power to attract what you desire – so easily that it seems like magic!"

Seven topics are addressed here:

"Attract Money and Wealth" Audio
"Attract Your New Car" Audio
"Attract Your Dream Home" Audio 
"Attract Travel and Leisure" Audio
"Attract More Love" Audio
"Attract Radiant Health" Audio
"Attract Joy and Happiness" Audio

All of the above are downloadable in Mp3 form.  Click either logo to go to The Hidden Secret
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Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis

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Neuro-Vision offers a variety of programs to treat a number of medical and psychological conditions by hypnotherapy.  
Among the most popular are programs for weight loss and smoking cessation.

"Change Your Life' Hypnotherapy & NLP CDs" 
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There are free videos and mp3's that can be downloaded as well as a free research library and access to a free newsletter.
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